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Best Gaming Chairs in 2023: 7 Top Choices for All Gamers

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Looking for a new throne? We think the Razer Enki is the best gaming chair going right now, but there are plenty of great options. You've got your gaming PC and gaming desk, now you just need an awesome gaming chair to complete your battle station. Click to jump to detailed looks at the best gaming chairs, or check out our list below:

TL;DR – These are the Best Gaming Chairs:

It's essential to stay comfortable as you game. If you’re constantly shifting around trying to find the ideal position, it’s going to be impossible to focus. A dedicated gaming chair gives you the best seat to comfortably lounge in for hours. You'll be nestled into comfort whether you're playing at your desk or using the PS5 or Xbox Series X on the big gaming TV in the living room.

From rockers and recliners to the typical racing-style seats or something more sophisticated, there is plenty of variety in gaming chairs. You can't forget the plethora of material options wrapping around the seat either with leather, PU leather, mesh, and fabric. So, we've narrowed down your search. And though some of our picks are a bit expensive, they offer solid steel frames and densely padded cushions worth the investment, especially if you've invested in one of the best gaming PC deals. Take a look at our favorites below – click here to find them in the UK.

The Best Gaming Chairs

Razer Enki

Best Gaming Chair

Razer EnkiRazer Enki

The Razer Enki is the perfect gaming chair that anyone can get into. Thanks to its wide seat and backrest you’ll feel well supported. Speaking of support it’s designed for a wide range of users ranging from 5’ 5” to 6’ 8” and up to 299 pounds. Better yet, the Razer Enki features reasonably short side bolsters on the seat so users can sit cross-legged, folded leg, or in whatever position they prefer.

This chair is also designed for all-day comfort with a mix of plush, textured fabric, and synthetic leather for high travel areas. You also get a built-in lumbar arch and while it isn’t adjustable, it adds some much-needed ergonomic support for the user’s back. Lastly, the Razer Enki sits at a fairly reasonable price of $400, putting it squarely between high-end and budget gaming chairs.

Corsair TC100 Relaxed Gaming Chair

Best Budget Gaming Chair

Corsair TC100 Relaxed Gaming ChairCorsair TC100 Relaxed Gaming Chair

Corsair isn’t new to the gaming chair game, and that knowledge extends to their wallet-friendly option, the TC100 Relaxed. This racing-style throne offers a robust steel frame and wide seat packed with plush padding to ensure your behind is comfortable during long playing sessions. The entire seat is then wrapped in a durable leatherette or soft fabric material with perforated sections for extra breathability to stay cool during intense play sessions.

Setting you back only $250, this budget gaming chair isn’t as feature-full as more expensive chairs, but it has all the basics you need. 2D armrests and a gas lift with a wide range of height adjustments make for an ergonomic alignment with your desk. There is no built-in lumbar support. However, back and neck pillows come with it, while a deep recline lets you kick back between matches.

Vertagear SL5800

Best Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Vertagear SL5800Vertagear SL5800

Ergonomics are the number one feature you will want in a chair, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time sitting. With that in mind, the VertaGear SL5800 offers the most adjustability in a gaming chair we’ve seen. It starts with a ContourMax lumbar support system that combines a layer of memory foam with four flexible panels that adjust to the shape of your back.

Meanwhile, you’re seated on a highly ventilated and plush VertaAir Seat. The bottom cushion is basically fitted with eight foam pucks with a host of air funnels to keep your bottom from getting hot while seated. Add in all the adjustability you get from the seat height, tilting backrest, and armrest, and you can seriously tune your setup for maximum comfort.

DXRacer Air Pro Series

Best Mesh Gaming Chair

DXRacer Air Pro SeriesDXRacer Air Pro Series

If you're looking for the best possible way to stay cool, then mesh is the way to go. It's the most breathable fabric out there making these chairs popular in offices, as comfort is essential when spending hours laboring at a desk. But, there's no reason you can't have the same comfort while you game, and DXRacer put this principle to practice with its Air Series, which features both a mesh back and seat with plenty of gaming chair flair.

The DXRacer Air Series’ mesh panels are made of a highly resilient netting material that stands up to everyday wear and tears. Most mesh chairs feel like sitting on a hard sheet of fabric, but this one replicates the cushy feeling of sitting in a foam chair by using suspension springs. On top of that, the Air Series ensures you have proper posture while sitting with built-in, adjustable lumbar support, a lumbar pillow, and a memory foam headrest. Plus, with adjustable 4D armrests and tilt, you're bound to find a position that's best suited for you.

Noblechairs Icon

Best Leather Gaming Chair

noblechairs Iconnoblechairs Icon

Leather often comes at a premium, but it is super durable and adds a bit of sophistication to your setup. The noblechairs Icon is one of the few gaming chairs that use real, genuine leather, rather than a typical PU and other synthetic leather option. Inside the leather-wrapped seat is a healthy dose of cold foam for a soft, comfy place to rest your behind for extended gaming sessions. The subdued design also doesn't scream "gaming chair," so it fits in just as well in a work environment as in a gaming one.

On top of the noblechairs Icon premium leather design, it is also highly adjustable. The seat can be raised or lowered nearly 4-inches in height, giving you plenty of room to get a proper position at your desk. The 4D armrests make it that much easier to find an ideal ergonomic setup. Plus, when you want to kick back, the chair can recline back to 135 degrees, and the base provides a bit of rocking range as well. Though the design doesn’t insist on them, the Icon includes a lumbar cushion and neck pillow for those who want a little extra support.

Herman Miller Vantum

Best Fabric Gaming Chair

Herman Miller VantumHerman Miller Vantum

Herman Miller is known for their innovative, high-quality office furniture, and in collaboration with Logitech G, they’re bringing that expertise to gaming chairs. The Vantum loses the traditional racing chair aesthetic, opting for a more sculpted, sleek design that’ll fit perfectly pulled up to a gaming or work setup. A plush and durable polyester fabric wraps around the seat, delivering a more breathable feel than leather that’s also softer on bare legs than mesh. However, this chair isn’t exclusively fabric, as a fine mesh suspension backrest ensures you don’t overheat during intense action.

The material used in Herman Miller’s Vantum may feel fantastic, but its ergonomic build places it a notch above most gaming chairs. You get both adjustable lumbar support and a passively adaptive thoracic support pad to ensure you’re comfortable and maintain great posture. Also, a unique “active, forward-leaning alignment” feature pushes you slightly forward in the seat, helping with focus and reaction time, though you can always adjust the tilt and tension for a more relaxed position.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series

Best High-End Gaming Chair

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 SeriesSecretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series

Secretlab continues to wow us with the Titan series. It takes what we already loved about the series and continues to refine it further with the Titan Evo 2022 Series. A soft, spacious, and generously padded seat is still a staple, and the material options of leatherette or fabric hold up great over time. That's paired with a sturdy backrest containing a sneakily added adjustable lumbar support ensuring you maintain good posture and preventing back pain. Plus, you still get a deep recline that locks into place for better relaxation between heated gaming sessions.

Where the latest model changes things up is in the headrest and armrests. Secretlab has ditched straps for holding the neck pillow in place and instead opted for magnets. This makes for a stylish appearance and finer control over positioning. The tops of the 4D armrests are also held in place magnetically, so you’ll have an easy time taking them off if you want to swap them out for some of the alternate toppers Secretlab has available. Best of all, there's a XL option for those looking to buy a big and tall gaming chair.

Best Gaming Chairs in the UK

When it comes to gaming chairs in the UK, the Razer Enki and Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 are among the best options available. The Razer Enki offers a comfortable and customizable seating experience, with adjustable armrests and lumbar support. Its sleek design and premium materials make it a popular choice among gamers. The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is another top contender, with its durable construction and ergonomic features like adjustable lumbar support and a multi-tilt mechanism. Its attention to detail and customizable options make it a favorite among serious gamers looking for a high-end chair that can keep up with their long gaming sessions. Ultimately, the best gaming chair for you will depend on your personal preferences and budget.

Secretlab Titan EVO 2022Best High-End Gaming ChairSecretlab Titan EVO 2022 £439.00noblechairs ICONBest Leather Gaming Chairnoblechairs ICON £349.99

Gaming Chair FAQ

How much is a gaming chair?

Yes, while you can buy a gaming chair for $79 or less, doing so is just asking for pain. Something cheap is usually nothing more than a cheap plastic frame with some thin fabric or pleather upholstery on top.

You can get a quality gaming chair for as little as $200 and that’s the absolute bottom floor of affordability we’d go for. Spending $300 or more will get you access to better options like the Razer Enki X and $319 Respawn Specter. If your budget allows you to soar a bit higher, more expensive gaming chairs start to come with built-in lumbar support, cooling gel layers, and more adjustable ergonomics.

How should you sit in a gaming chair?

Between the tall back and support pillows, you should almost feel like you're being forced to sit up straight. Making them feel almost a little challenging and uncomfortable to sit in. That might sound counterintuitive to how chairs are supposed to be just comfortable, but it'll help save you from a lifetime of lower back pain and developing other gaming-related health complications like repetitive strain injury.

Alternatively, most gaming chairs come with a lever like you’re ejecting out of a jet fighter. This is used to recline all the way back so you can lie on the gaming chair like it’s a mini bed.

Should you get a gaming chair or an office chair?

One of the biggest differences between gaming chairs vs office chairs is the seats with gaming in mind often come toting a long back and a headrest to better support your back and shoulders than a short office chair. Extra lumbar and neck pillows on gaming chairs help keep you sitting straighter, while office chairs often offer more effective lumbar support and better seat adjustability. However, gaming chairs usually deliver a deeper recline for better relaxation.

Of course, aesthetics set the two apart, as gaming chairs often feature distinct racing-style seats and come in a variety of colors with big logos, while office chairs keep it much more subdued.

How do you make a gaming chair more comfortable?

No matter which type of gaming chair you choose, one thing you'll definitely want is good, adjustable ergonomics. When we say that we mean a chair with customizable lumbar support, adjustable armrests, levers to tilt and height, and a movable headrest. For the most part, all the gaming chairs on this list include at least one to all the points of adjustability mentioned and you'll want to take advantage of them.

Kevin Lee is IGN's Hardware and Roundups Editor. Follow him on Twitter @baggingspam.

Image Credit: Annalee Tsujino is a multi disciplinary designer and illustrator. Check them out on Instagram @antsu_illustrations.

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