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The Best Kindle Deals Right Now (June 2023)

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In my opinion, the Amazon Kindle is one of the best electronic devices, ever. Maybe the only piece of tech I use more than my Kindle is my phone, but even then, I have the Kindle app if I decide I just want to stick some knowledge into my craw.

TL;DR – The Best Kindle Deals Right Now

Below, we've collected some of the best Kindle deals available right now so you can spend your summer stuck in a good book.

The Best Kindle Deals Right Now

KindleAmazon Kindle The entry-level Kindle has 16GB storage, which is room for an astonishing number of ebooks. 20% off $99.99$79.99Kindle PaperwhiteAmazonKindle Paperwhite Waterproof with a 6.8″ 300ppi display and bright, warm backlight.21% off $139.99$109.99Kindle Paperwhite Signature EditionAmazonKindle Paperwhite Signature Edition Includes 32GB storage, wireless charging and auto-adjusting backlight.24% off $189.99$144.99Kindle Paperwhite Kids (8 GB)AmazonKindle Paperwhite Kids (8 GB) Includes a 1 year subscription of Amazon Kids+, with ad-free books, games, videos, apps, and more.38% off $159.99$99.99Kindle OasisAmazonKindle Oasis Biggest screen of the Kindle e-readers, with page-turn buttons, adjustable warm-light, waterproof and 8GB or 32GB storage.$249.99Kindle ScribeAmazonKindle Scribe This model Kindle features the ability to write/draw/scribble on it with the included stylus, in addition to all the other Kindle features. It’s really good at simulating the feel of actually writing on paper. $339.99

Kindle is one of the devices you're most likely to find on sale during Amazon events like Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday, and the available Kindle lineup has expanded quite a lot over the years. However, Amazon will often times sneak Kindle deals into its Deal of the Day, or offer a bonus deal like free Kindle Unlimited or other Amazon services.

Right now, new customers can get 30-days of Kindle Unlimited for free, provided you're also a Prime Member. You can also save over 20% at the moment on some of the Kindles listed above. Not to mention, it's also worth keeping in mind that Amazon Prime Day is around the corner. It's happened in the middle of the summer in years' past, and there's no reason to think this year will be any different. But you should expect some sort of deal or bundle bonus pretty much any time. Amazon is crazy like that.

Why a Kindle is Worth the Investment

I've been rocking the Kindle since the earliest model was available, and not only do I prefer it to any other method of reading, I found myself reading more than I would have with traditional paper books. Not that there's anything wrong with reading from a traditional book, I just personally appreciate the ease of use and form factor afforded me by the Kindle.

Since the Kindles use e-ink instead of traditional screens like your phone or iPad, they can be read in just about any lighting. In fact, the pages look like actual paper pages, so any artificial light or even bright sunlight are no factor when using the Kindle. It only uses energy when you turn the page, use the backlight or leave Wi-Fi turned on, so if you go into Airplane mode you can go weeks, even months, between charging your Kindle. Generally I go long enough to completely forget where I put my charging cable.

Seth Macy is Executive Editor, IGN Commerce, and just wants to be your friend. You can find him hosting the Nintendo Voice Chat podcast.

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