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Set Your Course For the First Starfield Discounts, Plus AC Mirage, Diablo IV and More!

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Top of the morn, fellow bargain hunters! Welcome to our first taste of Starfield discounts, a game I've cleared my social calendar for. (Wasn't tough — it was non-existent anyway.) In retro news, today is quite the birthday bash for a bunch of must-plays. Be sure to peruse the below list, pick out the gaps in your library, and score them cheap.

This Day in Gaming

Aussie birthdays for notable games.

Pikmin (GC) 2002. Sequel

007: Agent Under Fire (GC,XB) 2002.

Zelda: Collector's Edition (GC) 2004.

Forza Motorsport 2 (X360) 2007. Sequel

American McGee's Alice (PS3,X360) 2011.

Rayman Origins (3DS) 2012. Get

Gravity Rush (PSV) 2012. Remaster

The Last of Us (PS3) 2013. Remake

Dead By Daylight (PC) 2016. -60%

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Nice Savings for Nintendo Switch

Switch Console LiteSwitch Console Lite This is a lowest price in 30 days on a great entry-level Switch. Basically, the Lite is beautifully put together in a way that makes the original look and feel downright clunky, and it’s quite a bit cheaper to boot.12% off A$329.95A$289.00

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Purchase Cheaply for PC

VR Showcase BundleVR Showcase Bundle If you like gaming with a bucket on your head (as I do) this is a great pack. It includes: TWD: Saints & Sinners 2, TWD: Saints & Sinners 2, Pistol Whip, Green Hell VR, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Maskmaker, and Dragon Fist: VR Kung Fu.88% off A$301.69A$37.33

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Exciting Bargains for Xbox

X/S Controller Shock BlueX/S Controller Shock Blue Just a damn fine controller, in a damn fine colour, going for one of the cheapest prices we’ve seen for it. You’d be nuts not to scoop one (or two) of these up. I daresay Amazon will lower the other colours to the same pricepoint soon, too.27% off A$94.95A$69.00

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Pure Scores for PlayStation

PlayStation 5 ConsolePlayStation 5 Console The main improvement to the PlayStation 5 since our initial review a year ago is that Sony has enabled support for expanded internal storage, which, for a price, can sidestep the hurdle of having only 667GB of usable internal storage space out of the box.9% off A$799.95A$724.00

Expiring Deals From Yesterday

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