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MojoDesk Mojo Gamer Pro Review

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MojoDesk might take a lot of pride in just how solid and robust their standing desks are, but there’s more to these sit-stand solutions than meets the eye. The Mojo Gamer Pro Standing Desk is easy to assemble, built like a tank yet lighter than it looks, luxurious to touch, and smooth to operate. Best of all, it keeps everything tucked away and in its proper place, leaving you with a neat and tidy desk free of distractions from your game.

Mojo Gamer Pro Standing Desk

Mojo Gamer Pro – Design and Features

The Mojo Gamer Pro Standing Desk goes for practicality and functionality rather than frills and thrills. There’s no RGB lighting or charging ports of any kind. This is a desk, pure and simple, and it’s here to house your gaming setup while keeping your gaming sessions comfortable – not make it all look impressive.

That said, the Mojo Standing Desk is one heck of an impressive desk anyway. The desktop is extremely durable, as well as water-resistant and scratch-proof. I’ve been testing the 60×30 matte lux black desktop, and everything from dust and dirt to cat hair or a spilled drink stain has been very easy to clean.

The metal frame, which boasts a pair of telescoping T-style legs, can lift more than 250 pounds rising up from 24 to 50.25 inches. The legs are wobble-free, and are rated for up to 20,000 up/down cycles.

While the desk itself only really has the two cable slots in the rear to let you thread your cables through, the Gamer Pro bundle includes Mojo’s innovative MagicSnap cable management system. This is made up of a cable chain, a power bar, and a cable tray, all of which snap securely onto the frame. These not only keep pesky wires off the desktop, but secure them away in a single file below, leaving you with a blissfully neat setup top to bottom.

Rounding out the Gamer Pro bundle are an adjustable CPU tower hanger, which holds up to 35 lbs, and a zero-bounce monitor arm that I found to be highly adjustable and easy to operate. It’s rated to carry a load of up to 20 pounds.

Mojo Gamer Pro – Assembly and expandability

MojoDesk includes very clear and detailed assembly instructions in the box, all of which are also available for download if necessary. There’s also a full video of desk assembly on YouTube just in case.

The assembly process is surprisingly straightforward and easy considering how intricate the whole desk is. I have another smaller and less accessorized standing desk in my office, and even that was harder to put together.

The easy and fast assembly here has as much to do with MojoDesk’s design as with its thoughtful instructions. The desk is relatively light despite its solid construction, while the MagicSnap cable management units just snap to the frame, meaning there’s no real assembly there. Meanwhile, the monitor arm, while heavy, is fairly intuitive to set up. I mainly just had to handle it carefully so as to not scratch the desk while attaching it to the back. The CPU tower hanger was probably the most confusing for me, but only because I’ve never used anything like it before. However, even that was easy to put up once I read the instructions.

The Mojo Standing Desk is also expandable, giving you the option to add more accessories later on. If you want to upgrade to a multi-monitor setup, for example, you can add a dual monitor arm. If you want a more “portable desk,” Mojo has a four-pack of roll-and-lock casters.

The only thing missing from MojoDesk’s list of accessories are storage solutions. I’d love to see Mojo add desktop risers, keyboard platforms, magnetic drawers, and perhaps magnetic shelves for my collection of headsets.

Mojo Gamer Pro – Performance and Gaming

The Mojo Gamer Pro’s desktop isn’t just water-resistant and scratch-proof; it also has a soft to touch surface that lets mice glide effortlessly and maintain accurate tracking. I personally prefer my RGB mouse pad, but if you aren’t a mouse pad user, you’ll be happy to know that this desk is very gaming mouse-friendly.

Speaking of RGB lighting, its matte finish also helps eliminate any reflections from your setup that might distract you from your game. Meanwhile, its rounded corners, slightly tapered edges, and curved middle ensure you don’t suffer any bruises if you’re prone to bumping into things.

The Mojo Gamer Pro has a dual motor setup, which means that each leg has its own motor powering it, and the operation is smooth as butter. The controller itself, which has an LED display, desk height controls, and four programmable buttons for height presets, is so responsive that it only takes a light touch to operate. Programming presets is a breeze as well – you simply set it to the preferred height, press the M button and press the programmable button you want to set it for.

Height adjustments themselves are gentle. This desk won’t just rush off to a preset height once you press a button, but rather move steadily and carefully, giving you time to adjust or get out of its way.

If you’re the type to put random stuff under your desk, like a drawer or some boxes, the desk’s Safety Motion Sensor works like a charm. Even something as small as a cable snag will activate it, which tells the motors to stop and adjust accordingly so that you can remove the obstruction. Not that you should have any cables snagging, thanks to the cable management system.


While other gaming desks try to pack in RGB lighting and other superfluities, the Mojo Gamer Pro focuses on what’s important. It’s robust, versatile, ergonomic, and expandable, succeeding at the basics and eschewing what’s unnecessary. Leave the RGB lighting to your peripherals and the charging to your hubs. If you’re in need of a desk update, this is the one you want.

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