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Best Steam Deck Accessories 2023

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When it comes to portable PC gaming on the go, the absolute must-have Steam Deck item is a SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSD Card, but there are tons of other great ways to kit out your handheld-backlog machine. Click here to jump to detailed looks at the best Steam Deck accessories, or check out our list below:

TL;DR – These are the best Steam Deck accessories

When the Valve Steam Deck first came to market last year, it was a hot commodity, making it hard to find. But over a year later, they’re finally easier to get. That means you can take your Steam gaming library along with you and even use the powerful handheld gaming device as a standard Windows PC. It’s pretty close to perfect all on its own, especially if you invest in one of the ultra-fast, higher-capacity SSD models. But even this cutting-edge console can benefit from accessories that’ll make the gaming experience even better.

The Steam Deck doesn’t come with a docking station like its closest rival, the Nintendo Switch for easy gaming with a gaming monitor or gaming TV, for instance. Maybe you want to keep the device safe with a screen protector or carrying case? And though you can get up to 512GB of SSD storage on the console, most will probably appreciate—and need—more. To ensure you make the most out of your Steam Deck, we’ve scoured the internet for the best accessories that’ll help you PC game anywhere and everywhere.

The Best Steam Deck Accessories

SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSD Card

Best Steam Deck Memory Card

SanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSD CardSanDisk Extreme Pro MicroSD Card

If you play loads of graphics-intensive open world games like Elder Scrolls, God of War, or The Witcher, save yourself the strife of moving data around mid-game and set yourself up with extra storage as soon as you get a Steam Deck (or a Nintendo Switch, at that). The SSD storage on the device disappears faster than you’d think. And though it’s possible to replace its SSD with a higher capacity option, your life will be much easier if you use a UHS-I microSD card like the SanDisk Extreme Pro.

SanDisk Extreme Pro cards range from 32GB to 1TB, so you can add 200% more storage to even the largest 512GB capacity Steam Deck. Though this microSD card has nothing on the speeds of an internal SSD, it’s fit with quick enough write and read speeds for efficiency when playing games. The microSDs performance difference from an SSD is slight enough, and when you add in the cost and simple installation compared to an SSD, it's a tremendous value.

Anker 747 Power Bank

Best Power Bank for Steam Deck

Anker 747 Power BankAnker 747 Power Bank

The battery life on the Steam Deck while running SteamOS is notoriously terrible – and even worse with Windows. There’s nothing worse than having to find a plug right when you’re reaching the end of a platformer level. Even if you’re playing a laid-back game like Stardew Valley, nobody wants to lose battery before you can get to the carpenter’s shop to hit on Sebastian, and a portable charger can remedy the issue.

Our favorite battery bank is the beefy Anker 747, with its 25,600mAh capacity ready to juice up your handhelds multiple times—it’ll even charge a USB-C laptop. That means this battery can take on the power-hungry Steam Deck with ease, while an 87W max output ensures a quick fill-up. On top of being plenty powerful, this portable charger is lightweight and durable to keep your Steam Deck rolling while you’re on the go.

Dbrand Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Best Steam Deck Screen Protector

Dbrand Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorDbrand Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Steam Deck’s massive seven-inch touchscreen is pleasing to the eyes and helps solidify the device as the best handheld system ever. However, as with any touch screen, you’re bound to muddy up your Steam Deck with unattractive fingerprints—not to mention scratches and dings that can eventually cost you the display. To ensure you don’t have to constantly wipe away smudges or, worse, replace the pricey touch screen, grab a high-quality tempered glass screen protector from Dbrand.

Tempered glass is chip, crack, scratch, and fingerprint resistant, while Dbrand threw in an anti-glare film for solid viewing from anywhere and an oleophobic coating to repel your hand's oils, making the gaming experience even better. Most importantly, this glass is a perfect fit for the device and touch inputs are unaffected. Further adding to the screen protector’s value compared to others on the market is it’s incredibly thin with chamfered edges in keeping with the sleek design of the Steam Deck.

Daydayup Carrying Case

Best Steam Deck Case

Daydayup Carrying CaseDaydayup Carrying Case

The Steam Deck might come with a case, but if you plan to go on long trips with your console, that probably won’t suffice. You’ll want to bring your charging cable, power bank, earbuds, and other accessories with you, and the case you get really only has the storage space for the console. Therefore, investing in a carrying case, like this super affordable option from Daydayup can make a world of difference.

It’s a big upgrade over Valve's pack-in accessory and offers tons of snug spaces for all your accessories, including extra cables, wall plugs, a dock, microSD cards, and whatever else you need. Best of all —it keeps your Steam Deck safely cradled inside using a secure hook loop with ample room above and below the device, so any jabs to the outside of the case won’t push on the screen or joystick. The case itself is also highly durable with a hard shell and water resistance, while a handy stand is built-in for when you want to play using a controller.

JSAUX Docking Station HB0603

Best Steam Deck Dock

JSAUX Docking Station HB0603JSAUX Docking Station HB0603 100 watts of power for fast charging and tons of ports come with this lightweight, compact dock that also serves as a stand.

Sure, you probably bought the Steam Deck for use as a handheld console. However, it’s a powerful enough option to hook up a monitor and other peripherals when you’ve got the right equipment, changing the way you game from time to time. That’s where a dock comes into play, and Valve has its own docking station for the Steam Deck, but we still prefer the JSAUX Docking Station because it’s about half the price and works just as well.

JSAUX’s docking station offers up three USB 3.0 ports, a 4K HDMI port, a USB-C port, and gigabit ethernet, which all fit into a stand that looks nice next to your monitor or TV. This option is extra handy because you can dock other USB-C compatible devices, like Android phones. The only place we can really fault the docking station is its lack of a DisplayPort, but if that’s not a deal breaker, you can’t go wrong with this affordable choice.

Apple AirTag

Best Steam Deck Tracker

Apple AirTagApple AirTag

The Steam Deck isn’t full of all the tracking you get with smartphones, so if your console gets lost or stolen by a sticky-fingered onlooker, it’s probably gone for good. To ensure you don’t end up spending a good chunk of change to replace the device and its accessories, an AirTag can give you some peace of mind for under $30. You can place this tiny Bluetooth tracker in your case or even inside your device with some tinkering around.

The AirTag is super compact and offers a simple setup, especially for those with Apple devices. If you misplace the Steam Deck in your home—we all have those moments—you can even make it play sound for easy finding. But when you think the console could be gone for good, a Lost Mode will notify you when the device is detected and give you a relatively precise location of where it was last seen. Just, of course, use caution on your hunt to find it.

PowerBear 8K High Speed HDMI Cable

Best HDMI Cable for Steam Deck

PowerBear 8K High Speed HDMI CablePowerBear 8K High Speed HDMI Cable

Did you know your Steam Deck can stream in 8K at 60Hz? Sure, most of us don’t have an 8K TV or monitor compatible with that output. But if you’re one of the lucky few who do, this 8K high-speed HDMI cable comes in handy, so your gameplay is never interrupted by annoying lags or subpar graphics.

In addition to the added capability, if you ever did get access to an 8K display, this cable is braided for extra durability. It also comes in either a 6-foot or 15-foot length, ensuring it’s long enough to easily plug into your TV. Plus, it’s backward compatible with all previous HDMI versions, so you can use it with your current displays and be ready when you inevitably upgrade.

Jabra Elite 5

Best Wireless Earbuds for Steam Deck

Jabra Elite 5Jabra Elite 5

Keep your Steam Deck setup as small and effective as possible with these minimalist wireless earbuds from Jabra. We’ve used earbuds from the Jabra Elite line for half a decade, and the stellar active noise-canceling and perfectly balanced, expressive audio for this price point makes them an excellent choice for gamers who just dropped way too much on a console.

These will fit right in your Steam Deck case, so you can easily bring them with your handheld. Plus, they feature 28 hours of battery life and six microphones to make remote online gaming a seamless experience. You can even keep them connected to your smartphone at the same time using Bluetooth Multipoint, letting you hear any texts or calls coming in while you’re slashing dragons in Elden Ring.

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