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Best Nintendo Switch Micro SDXC Memory Card Deals: 512GB for Only $25.89

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If you've started compiling a collection of digital games, you probably already know just how limited the Switch's base storage capacity. The Switch and Switch OLED have 32GB and 64GB of internal storage respectively. Some of that is reserved for the OS. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom takes up over 18GB of storage all by itself. Other must-have titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Sword or Shield tap out at 13.5GB each. There's only one expansion slot in the Switch console so you want to make sure you get the biggest card you can afford.

TL;DR – Best Switch SD Card Deals

The Lowest Prices on MicroSDXC Cards (Updated)

Update: Today there's a 512GB memory card that is far less expensive than any 512GB card we saw on Black Friday. TeamGroup is actually a well-known company. They sell a T-Force branded lineup of RAM and SSDs and are generally very well-liked for their reliability and low cost compared to other brands. I've used TeamGroup products myself without any issues.

Teamgroup 512GB U3 A1 512GB Micro SDXC CardTeamgroup 512GB U3 A1 512GB Micro SDXC Card $25.89Teamgroup 1TB U3 A1 Micro SDXC CardTeamgroup 1TB U3 A1 Micro SDXC Card $64.89Teamgroup 256GB U3 A1 Micro SDXC CardTeamgroup 256GB U3 A1 Micro SDXC Card $14.49Teamgroup 128GB U3 A1 Micro SDXC CardTeamgroup 128GB U3 A1 Micro SDXC Card $8.99

These Micro SDXC cards are 100% compatible with any Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, and Switch Lite console. Some of them may be rated for higher speeds than the official Nintendo Switch-branded memory cards. That doesn't really matter though; the Nintendo Switch can only support U1 speeds, so a U3 speed will just be throttled back down to U1 speeds.

Steam Deck Owners Can Use These Cards Too!

The Switch isn't the only gaming system that accepts these cards. If you're a Steam Deck or ROG Ally owner, you can also use this card, especially if you picked up the 64GB Deck storage option.

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