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10 Best Minecraft Toys in 2023

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Minecraft is an infinite sandbox in which you can create just about anything you want. As far as video games go, it's more than exciting: it's downright arresting. Put all of your creative powers to good use erecting a huge building, survive the night by staving off monsters, or fly around the world to check out what others have built. There's nothing quite like it.

So if you've been looking for a way to bring a little of that blocky magic into the real world, good news! There are plenty of fun figures, models, and playsets based on the Minecraft world that you can ditch the controller for. Unsure which ones are worth spending your hard-earned cash on or picking as a gift? Below, we've highlighted the best Minecraft toys for kids and adults alike.

TL;DR – These are the Best Minecraft Toys

Minecraft Transforming Diamond Sword/Pickaxe

Minecraft Transforming Diamond Sword/PickaxeMinecraft Transforming Diamond Sword/Pickaxe $28.99

This diamond sword/pickaxe replica looks just like the real thing, straight out of Minecraft. It’s perfect for swinging around and imagining it’s slicing through creepy spiders or skeleton archers who dare enter your humble abode. And if imaginative play isn’t on the menu, it makes for a great addition to any Minecraft fan’s collection.

LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine Playset

LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine PlaysetLEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine Playset 18% off $19.99$16.39

What awaits below in that spooky abandoned mine? Find out with this detailed playset, which comes with everything you need to go spelunking. If you’re lucky, you’ll find diamond or obsidian down there. If you’re unlucky, you might just hit lava. The fun is all about never knowing what you’ll find when you go digging in Minecraft.

Minecraft Paint Your Own Figurines Arts and Crafts Set

Minecraft Paint Your Own Figurines Arts and Crafts SetMinecraft Paint Your Own Figurines Arts and Crafts Set $19.99

Minecraft is all about creating anything you can imagine. This arts and crafts set lets you design your own figure. Paint it any color you’d like, draw your favorite prints, and transform it into the creature of your liking. Then use it with all of your Minecraft playsets to create a blocky new world in the real one, one that you can sculpt with your hands.

NERF Minecraft Pillager's Crossbow

NERF Minecraft Pillager's CrossbowNERF Minecraft Pillager's Crossbow 21% off $27.99$21.99

Using a crossbow in Minecraft feels cool, and it’s one of the most interesting weapons in the game. Bring your own home and “practice” with it with this detailed NERF model. And if you round up a friend with another NERF gun, you can hold a few “fights” that won’t be unlike what you might see in-game.

Minecraft Transforming Turtle Hideout

Minecraft Transforming Turtle HideoutMinecraft Transforming Turtle Hideout $19.99

Is it a turtle? Or is it a hideout? This Minecraft transforming playset is a large turtle on the outside, but it’s a different world entirely within. It comes with everything you need to go on your own Minecraft adventures outside of the game, complete with a place to stay when the sun goes down and the baddies come out.

Minecraft Survival Pack

Minecraft Survival PackMinecraft Survival Pack 19% off $15.99$12.98

When it comes to surviving in Minecraft, you need a few important things: a workbench, a bed, a weapon, and a chest to keep all of your belongings. The Minecraft Survival Pack comes with a Steve figure, raring to go, and everything he needs to get started in-game and in the real world.

NERF MicroShots Minecraft Ghast Mini Blaster

NERF MicroShots Minecraft Ghast Mini BlasterNERF MicroShots Minecraft Ghast Mini Blaster 17% off $11.99$9.97

The Ghast in Minecraft are quite creepy. They become even creepier when turned into “weapons” you can use in play fights. Fire off rubber NERF darts with this Ghast-shaped blaster that you can also add to your selection of Minecraft-inspired NERF toys.

Minecraft Enchanted Bow with Potion-Tip Arrow

Minecraft Enchanted Bow with Potion-Tip ArrowMinecraft Enchanted Bow with Potion-Tip Arrow 54% off $103.99$47.62

Creating your first bow in Minecraft is something of a rite of passage. A potion-tip arrow makes it especially important. Get your own and bring it into the real world with this enchanted bow replica, which would look great in your hands during a Minecraft LARP or on your wall as a conversation piece.

LEGO Minecraft The First Adventure Playset

LEGO Minecraft The First Adventure PlaysetLEGO Minecraft The First Adventure Playset 16% off $69.99$58.99

Everyone remembers the first time they set out on an adventure in Minecraft. This playset captures that feeling perfectly, complete with evil skeletons that won’t let you build in peace. It’s got everything you need to pretend you’re a Minecraft neophyte, starting from the very beginning again.

UNO Minecraft Card Game

UNO Minecraft Card GameUNO Minecraft Card Game 44% off $10.68$5.99

Who doesn’t love a game of classic UNO? This version is branded with your favorite Minecraft designs, so you can meld two great worlds together: the realms of video games and classic board games.

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