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The 10 Best Minecraft Memes From Reddit

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With over 3.3 million players online when this article was written (according to PlayerCounter), it's no wonder Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever. (Did you know the Minecraft China edition has been downloaded 500 million times?)

As a game with infinite possibilities, it extends to limitless potential for hilarious and spicy memes. The Minecraft community has been creating excellent memes for years, from clean to dirty, straightforward to super creative, and even around the delay of the Minecraft movie itself: Minecraft fans celebrate the movie adaptation’s non-release with memes.

Turns out the real Minecraft movie was the friends we made all along

— Felix "Xilefian" (@Xilefian) March 5, 2022

From hours and hours of play, there's always something players can relate to; perfectly displayed in meme form. As a player myself, I have come across many memes, and have compiled my favorite, funniest Minecraft memes found on Reddit for your viewing pleasure!

Our favorite Minecraft memes on Reddit right now:

1. Vicious Cycle Minecraft Meme

We’ve all been there; months of endless playing, thinking about your blocky world day and night, and longing to continue the adventure. You complete the one task you set for yourself; a gargantuan achievement. And then… you get bored. You may leave the game for a while, but sooner or later, the itch to play comes back.

2. Creeper Panik Minecraft Meme

Maybe you’re underground and find a mineshaft or ender dungeon; maybe you’re far away from your home base and discover an amazing new biome or structure and desperately want to relocate there. But wait! The sun is setting, the sweat on your brow becomes worse and worse, and you hear that familiar hiss. You frantically slam a bed down to save your spot and BOOM. So much for that, eh?

3. Faster Than Light Minecraft Meme

With parkour maps being popular, and potions that enhance your speed being craftable, you’d think that there could be nothing and/or no one that could possibly keep up with you. The Baby Zombie laughs in your face; that mischievous little ankle biter….

4. Stonks Minecraft Meme

*villager noises* STONKS *villager noises*.

5. Loki Mining Minecraft Meme

Pain. Nothing feels worse than mining for ages and having nothing but Cobblestone and Dirt to show for it. There’s a chance you'll find a Diamond just behind the next block though… right?

6. Leather Armor Minecraft Meme

There isn’t much that scares me. But that thing right there? Those that make leather armor first? They scare me. Why would you do this?!

7. Pollution Minecraft Meme

Everything used to be so beautiful and natural and we could have preserved it. Are… are we the bad guys? Don’t think about it too hard….

8. Taking Inventory Minecraft Meme

There are some things in this world that aren’t meant to be known. How 16.2% of players haven’t opened their inventory whilst playing Minecraft is one of them.

9. Bow Decisions Minecraft Meme

Of all the things to limit in Minecraft, having to choose between OP enchantments is a cruel one. Why?! How am I supposed to choose?!

10. Elytra Fail Minecraft Meme

An issue for those of us with outdated hardware, that split-second freeze as the world chunks update can be a life or death situation. We just wanna glide around, man! *cries in old laptop noises*

Samuel Heaney is a freelance writer with expertise in gaming guides and all things Minecraft. You can follow him on Twitter.

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