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18 Minutes of Final Fantasy 16 Dungeon-Crawling Gameplay – IGN First

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For today’s IGN First, we bring you exclusive gameplay from two of Final Fantasy XVI’s dungeons. Protagonist Clive fights his way through with the help of Cid, Jill and everyone’s favorite wolf, Torgal.

Clive and his friends face a wide array of enemies in these dungeons. The Ironblood Fanatic is a large-sized enemy that wields a giant axe. The Akashic Champion is similar in size, but can shoot beams from its hammer. And the particularly impressive demonic enemy Lich can launch cleaving attacks with its scythe-like weapon, before quickly disappearing as it teleports to different positions to shoot beams from afar.

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In our gameplay video, which you can watch at the top of this page, Clive tackles these enemies by borrowing the power of three Eikons: the Phoenix, Gauda and Ramuh.

The gameplay video also contains light exploration elements, such as Clive and Cid kicking through a door together. If you wonder how Final Fantasy XVI’s dungeons play out, be sure to check it out.

Final Fantasy XVI releases for PlayStation 5 on June 22. Be sure to check out our exclusive boss battle gameplay of Liquid Flame as well as a commentary video on the game’s Eikonic Abilities straight from the devs.

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