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The Batman

Tim Burton Still Has Strong Feelings About the Batsuit Nipples After All These Years

Batman director Tim Burton still hasn’t gotten over the nippled Batsuit of Batman Forever.During an interview with Empire Magazine, the 63-year-old filmmaker had some...

Ben Affleck's Superhuman Dark Knight – The Quest for the Perfect Batman Actor Day 6

Ben Affleck is an interesting case study when it comes to live-action Batman actors. What happens when you have an extremely talented Batman actor...

The Batman: 5 Burning Questions Answered

Warning: full spoilers for The Batman ahead!Now that audiences have seen The Batman, we’re left to pore over Matt Reeves’ three-hour epic that saw...

Adam West – The Bright Knight or a Sad Clown? – The Quest for the Perfect Batman Actor Day 1

There had been live-action incarnations of Batman before Adam West donned the cape and cowl for the 1966 series on ABC. Lewis Wilson and...

The Batman: Matt Reeves' Movie Is Now Reportedly a Trilogy

Matt Reeves' Batman movie is now reportedly the first part of a trilogy.In a new report stating that Robert Pattinson has been approved to...

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