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Batman (1966)

Ranking the Batman Movies From Worst to Best

The sky is blue, water is wet, and everybody loves Batman. It’s a fact of life.With a new cinematic entry now added to the...

Adam West – The Bright Knight or a Sad Clown? – The Quest for the Perfect Batman Actor Day 1

There had been live-action incarnations of Batman before Adam West donned the cape and cowl for the 1966 series on ABC. Lewis Wilson and...

Catwoman's Evolution From Villain to Batman's Greatest Love

Bruce Wayne may not be the most psychologically stable person in the DC Universe, but he is a billionaire playboy with big muscles and...

From Dark Knight to Batman '66: Every Batman Movie Gadget!

There are certain staples of any solid Batman diet: cape and cowl, batmobile, Alfred, insane villain and, of course, bat-gadgets. And lots of them....

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